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      Advances in Applied & Pharmaceutical Sciences Journal (AAPSJ) is an international open access, Scientific,Bi monthly publishing peer reviewed  multi-disciplinary journal publishes & delivers the scientific outcomes information, studies, and scientific notes of various international pharmaceutical & applied scientific industries, institutes and forums to the scientific society through its online web source.

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  ISSN No: 2457-0842

  DOI: 10.26768 (Publisher ID)

  UGC Approval : Coming Soon

  Impact Factor : 1.12


Key features

  • International recognition. Eminent Editorials panel and experience of decade segment of publication
  • Implementation & practicing of various policies like a peer review policy, ethical publication policies copyright policies, privacy policy etc.
  • Open access online journal, for easy accessibility to anyone, anywhere & any time
  • Articles access Statistics like no of downloads & no of times viewed which delivers popularity of your article.
  • Email updates & SMS alerts.
  • Online Hassle Free Submission.
  • Bi Monthly publication journal hence rapid publication
  • Easy Tracking of Your Submitted Manuscript using “Track Manuscript options”.
  • Certificate available on request & can be delivered to requested address
  • Indexing the published articles in various international scientific database and Institutes for archiving.

Quality Message
Each AAPSJ article is a landmark of the highest quality, thanks to genuinely collaborative interactions between authors and review editors, who include some of the world's best academicians. AAPSJ is well aware of the potential impact of published research both on future research and on society and, hence, does not support superficial review, light review or no-review publishing models. Research must be certified by peers before entering a stream of knowledge that may eventually reach the public and shape society. Therefore, AAPSJ only applies the most rigorous and unbiased reviews, established in the high standards of the AAPSJ Review System. AAPSJ is positioned as a leading specialist reference resource of academic information and analysis on pharmaceutical and applied sciences, highlighting new concepts and theories, and fresh practical ideas and initiatives.

Scientific Aim
The aim of AAPSJ is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles rapidly without delay in the developing field of pharmaceutical research and allied sciences. AAPSJ publishes articles that enrich the practice of pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences marketing while simultaneously making significant contributions to the theoretical advancement of the discipline. All articles appearing in the journal are peer reviewed to ensure academic rigour and practical relevance.

Applying the research concept in the pharmaceutical and Allied sciences sectors has recently caught the attention of scholars and practitioners alike. However, Research concept practice as applied to these sectors remains relatively under-explored. The purpose of this new journal is to bridge this gap, and to advance our theoretical and empirical understanding of Research in the field of pharmaceutical and allied sciences.

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CPhi Pharma Week November  At Mumbai India Venue 1: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai 28-30 Nov 2017, India. Venue 2: MMRDA Grounds, BKC, Mumbai, 27-29 Nov 2017 India.
Conference & Trade show on Pharmaceutical Packaging & processing  6-9 Nov 2016 Chicago USA