Advances in Applied and Pharmaceutical Sciences Journal 

ISSN 2457-0842


Volume 1 Issue 1, July-August 2017, Pages:1-5

Authors: Dr. Aquil-ur-Rahim Siddiqui
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Abstract: The objective of writing this article is to highlight the intrinsic nature of Novel drug delivery system (NDDS) including its trend & movement in retrospective and prospective pharmaceutical era. Unlike other dosage form NDDS is also ment for its pharmacodynamic action, but it is designed & developed in such a way to have more specific and required therapeutic action. Looking prospectively a pharmaceutical establishment is more keen to have its buissness in NDDS so as to retain its dominance in the buisness sector. Like other different industries innovations and novelty plays balloning factor in growth of pharma industries economy. NDDS is prefered compared to the established generic dosage form due to its advantage over existing dosage form of same molecule. Though discovery and development takes nearly half decade along with huge market investement Pharma firms are firm on their mindset to explore in the NDDS segment. Drug delivery through advanced technology in form of device played a sugnificant role in various disorders like respiratory, transdermal, nasal etc. Intellectual property protection inform of trade dress & trade mark is prefered in current pharmaceutical envirment to retain unique identity in the competative market. Each NDDS left its essence which gives significant benifit and advantage to acheive target therapeutic action.
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