Advances in Applied and Pharmaceutical Sciences Journal 

ISSN 2457-0842


Volume 1 Issue 1, July-August 2017, Pages:11-17

Authors: Sadhana R. Shahi, Imran Tadwee
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Abstract: The aim of this review is to describe the available method used to check suitablity of API & Excipient for direct compression. Optimization studies can be done in terms of physcal properties like flow of API & Excipients. The SeDeM (Secure Development Method) system is also termed as tool for the galenic characterization of excipients with respect to their suitability for direct compression. It provide an index of good compressibility (ICG) of material indicating its aptitude to be compressed by direct compression.In this method excipients were analysed by experimental studies of SeDeM parameters and represented graphicaly (SeDeM Diagram) to determine whether they are suitable for direct compression or not. This method has factors & mathematical equation to identify the best excipient and the optimum amount to be used in the formulation using different properties of excipients. The SeDeM method is effective tool for development of tablets by direct compression. The application of SeDeM expert system enables selecting excipients with in order to optimize the formula in the preformulation and formulation studies.
Cite this article: S.R, Shahi, I. Tadwee “ SeDeM in Preformulation of Solid Oral Dosage Form: A Review“Advances in Applied and Pharnaceutical Sciences Journal 2017, 1(1);11-17