Advances in Applied and Pharmaceutical Sciences Journal 

ISSN 2457-0842


Volume 1 Issue 2, September-October 2017, Pages:6-11

Authors: S R Shahi, Amol R Dube, Rahul Chate
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Abstract: Oral drug delivery is the most preferred option for administration of various drugs. Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Solutions etc. are administered by this route. Sustain release dosage forms are novel approach in the drug delivery system. Oral sustained release products having promising advantage over conventional drug delivery system. By sustained release delivery system optimization of bio-pharmaceutical, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics of the drug. Sustain release dosage form also provides the way to decrease the side effects of the drug. There are various advantages of sustained release drug delivery like improved patient compliance, reducing the fluctuation in steady-state drug levels, maximum amount of the drug is used, increased safety margin of potent drugs, reduction in healthcare costs of therapy. Sustained release matrix tablets are widely used. Matrix tablets are prepared by using various types of polymers. This review article focused on the types of polymers used in the preparation of matrix tablets, the methods used to prepare the matrix tablets and all basic information about the sustained release matrix tablets
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